Roundtable Skills and Competences - Dresden

    June 4, 2018 - June 5, 2018

    On Monday and Tuesday 4 and 5 June 2018, the second roundtable of the ESF-project ‘Social partners on the digital fasttrack’ was organised in Dresden.

    The workshop on the first day was opened by Mr. Jens Hoffmann (SBG Dresden), who welcomed the participants and introduced the first two speakers. Mr. Dirk Csuthy (Li-II GmbH) and Mr. Michael Ross (HFC Prestige) introduced the digitalisation measures in their respective companies. The presentations were followed by a discussion and Q&A.

    In the afternoon, Mr. Jens Hofman explained the dual education system and the efforts of SBG concerning digitalisation. Subsequently, all international partners presented the digitalisation efforst on education and training in the partner countries (for more info, see the enclosed presentations).

    Mr. Michel Albertijn (Tempera) presented some general conclusions to close the day.

    On the second day, the delegation visited InfraLeuna GmbH, the owner and operator of the infrastructural facilities on the Leuna Chemical Complex, to learn more about the impact of digitalisation on the functioning of the complex and company.

    Second stop of the day was a visit to MITZ where the project partner introduced its functioning and role as competence centre.

    Finally, the participants visited the University of applied sciences in Merseburg, to learn more on the impact digitalisation has on teaching activities and which potential for new learning methods it entails.